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天空と海の妖精の賛美歌 [entries|friends|calendar]
M. Hamilton (DJplaeskool / Syara )

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Into the darkest unknown... [20 Dec 2010|02:26pm]

Tracklist (MP3/320):
Farewell, Tanegashima // Breakbeat
Sojourn, Part 1: Flare // Instrumental
What You've Got // Filter House
Sojourn, Part 2: Crystalline Eye // Instrumental
Cross※Compile (featuring EvenPromise) // Hard Techno/DJMix
The Pioneer Anomaly // Breakbeat
Sojourn, Part 3: Heliopause // Instrumental
The Final Transmissions of Pioneer 16 // Deep Trance

What a finish to another busy, busy year.
I'll take some time out of the upcoming holiday and write up a little post-mortem for this. It's an odd tale of a concept lost and reborn.
Anyways, I hope you all enjoy.
As always, you can follow my antics on twitter
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The Eleventh Moon [14 Nov 2010|05:10pm]
The Eleventh Moon

The Impending Storm / Ambient
Darkness and Aether / Ambient Breaks
The Eleventh Moon / Downtempo
Airborne Deities / Break Trance (Featured on Eorzeapedia's Aetheryte Radio)
Tyrannus Ferrum, Part 1: Society of Steel / Breakbreat

Thanks everyone for your encouragement and patience.
Look forward to more tunes next month.
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Throwin' stuff on the ground and dancing with bonsais once again. [01 Nov 2010|09:38pm]

Protip: Throw the rest of the cake too
29. Feels good man.
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Green Eggs and Ham: A Eulogy [15 Oct 2010|01:07am]
You do not like them. So you say.
Try them! Try them!And you may.
Try them and you may, I say.

Sam! If you will let me be,
I will try them. You will see.

Say! I like green eggs and ham!
I do! I like them, Sam-I-am!
And I would eat them in a boat.
And I would eat them with a goat...

And I will eat them in the rain.
And in the dark. And on a train.
And in a car. And in a tree.
They are so good, so good, you see!

This is a story I have been told countless times by my granddad when I was young.
The first few years of my life, every time I would spend the night with my grandparents, he'd read me Green Eggs and Ham.
I still have the crayon-doodle-riddled text to this day.
It is a constant reminder of love...
Of dedication...

William Sr. was a stubborn man, rooted in tradition, yet stoic in accepting change, and ever giving of himself to his friends and family.
Every chance we had to talk as a family, especially at the holiday gatherings, when the men of the Hamilton family would sit together, we'd always work or way from politics, religion, sports...just life in general.
He always something insightful to say...
Something to to leave you thinking...
He always had the last word, and the last word was always good.
A guaranteed check of $100 on birthdays, and $50 on Christmas.
"A good gift, is the one you buy for yourself." he'd say...

Up to his last, he tended his land...
he remembered our birthdays...
he deaconed his church...
he rooted for the Braves...
I have no regrets that the last thing we talked about, was the Dallas Cowboys' prospects of taking the NFC by storm.
We always parted ways with an embrace, and a hearty well-wishing.

I will miss those good-byes...
I will miss his wisdom...
I will miss his praying...
Most of all, I will miss him telling me:

I do so like
green eggs and ham!
Thank you!
Thank you, Sam-I-am!

William Wade Hamilton, Sr.
April 26, 1924 - October 10, 2010

Until we meet again, Granddad.
May you rest in the Almighty's peace.
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What I'm playing: Fall 2010 Edition [05 Oct 2010|06:23pm]


This one certainly needs no fanfare, and little introduction.
I love this game...but I don't have near enough time to invest to keep up with the Joneses. Between work, music, and other things, I've found the game wonderfully wistful in affording me a leisurely stroll through combat, harvesting, and my new found love, crafting. Of course, the game has a number of holes, some glaring, some not so much, but I've just worked around most things with relative ease. I did have to submit a bug report regarding leve targets that are summoned by fleeing enemies. It's happened to me on a couple of occasions where if I die killing the remaining summoned enemies, by the time I'm unweakened, they've either left the highlighted area, or just vanished. Other than that, I'm having a blast. The game has a sort of self-reliance factor to it that is oddly unprecedented in MMOs, and I've embraced it.

Some might have thought me stating, "SE should make a game called Chocobo's Mysterious Coal Mine, make it 40-60 hours of the mining mini-game, and I'd buy it for $59.99." was funny...but honestly, it's not far from the truth. Something as simple as a hot/cold game with a football video game kickoff meter has a hypnotoad sort of captivation.

All this bouncing from harvesting to crafting has left my DoW pugilist at almost Rank 14 for a couple of days. I've heard a lot of awesomeness regarding the Rank 15 Main quests and beyond, so leading through this weekend, I hope to hunker down with some warm, toasty leves and getting that done for Ul'dah. The story is all sorts of awesome, especially the Ul'dah line. I'm glad the drama has ramped up so smoothly. The one thing I didn't care too much about the story in XI, is that it didn't get really compelling until CoP, or the latter portions of RotZ.



Somewhere between Mario Kart and Jet Set Radio is the 'parkour racing' game FreeJack.
You heard that right, 'parkour racing.'

Borrowing heavily from the dense-outline, hard-edged, cel-shaded styles of Sega's Jet Set Radio, FreeJack mixes a combination of complex courses, free-running maneuvers, hipster character customization, and pretty decent music together for a surprisingly fun experience. The concept may seem overly complex, which it does ramp up considerably from easy to more difficult courses, but it's actually very easy to get the hang of.

Hitting triggers at the right time when faced with passable obstacles (marked with a green outline) will initiate tricks that help your free runner progress through the stage, rack up points, receive usable items, and with the right timing, build your combos. Get a high enough combo, and you can get bonus speed boosts and special attack items. The game itself is comprised of an in-depth tutorial curriculum, Story Mission mode, Versus Mode, and a time trial-esque "Laptime" mode. The music, while not of Hideki Naganuma caliber, is still a solid mesh of sample heavy hip hop, dance, house, and techno. Everything, from selectable characters to tracks available and the like, is truncated since the game is still in Beta phase, however there's still plenty there, and I would definitely recommend this game as a clever diversion.


白騎士物語 -光と闇の覚醒- (White Knight Chronicles: The Awakening of Light and Darkness)

Let me tell you a sad tale, children. A tale of a failing PS3 HDD that was locking up games occasionally during attempts to write or access it. About one man's struggle to back up the drive via conventional means, and in the end, about loss. Yes, I had put about 45-50 hours into this game, had made it deep into the second story, when the unthinkable event occurred. Undeterred, I have started this up once again as primary off-game to FFXIV.

I kind of find it funny, playing this made a near perfect prelude to XIV, as the two aren't all too dissimilar from a combat aspect. The thing that kept me coming back was the online multiplayer Sin-Knight extravaganza. Just too much fun. The problem is that you have to get a good deal into the second story and complete an epic long quest to get it...so I have my work cut out for me. I'm only 5 hours into it once again, and as my off-game, it won't get dedicated playtime, but I will get back there...oh yes, I will get back there.


Phantasy Star Portable 2

Continuing the tradition of purchasing imported and domestic version of modern era Phantasy Star games, I've played the localized, and laregly un-voiceover'd PSP2 as well, mostly with friends. It's almost the only game I play that someone else I know here in Atlanta plays. Good times, once again. One thing I've noticed in PSP2 is that the addition of the Type Extend system (being able to spend points earned doing missions to add weapon type and tier functionality) more or less renders type changing obsolete.

Also happy that I interpreted the story fairly accurately between playing the JP edition and the NA one. Anyways, once we cool off on playing the NA version online, I may jump back to the JP one in preparation for next year's release of Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity. They've kept up a good habit of allowing the porting of character data from one to another, so hopefully this will be no different.

I've been really impressed with the Phantasy Star Portable series as of recent. Heck, even PS0 was pretty cool, but PSP2 really does take a lot of the best elements from PSU, PS0, and PSO and meshes it together well. The series has progressed incredibly well over the past 4 years since PSU's release, and this gives me incredible hope for Phantasy Star Online 2.


Honorable Mention: Angry Birds.

Holy crap, this game is so addicting.
If you have an android or iPhone, get it now.
You'll play for at least an hour your first time.
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FFXIV - The primary characters [26 Sep 2010|06:02pm]

(Left) Syara Isolde / Rabanastre Server / PGL-ARC-GLA
(Right) Ririna Lunasera / Gysahl Wutai Server / GLA-LNC-CON
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Obligatory TGS Post (Updated over course of event) [16 Sep 2010|09:36am]
Lifting my nose up from recent information about Beatmania IIDX18 (AC) RESORT ANTHEM release info, a number of things at TGS caught my eye...

-'Valkyria Chronicles 3' being on PSP is slightly disappointing

-From Software team that made Demon's Souls is working on a spiritual successor called 'Project Dark'

-'The Last Guardian' looks incredible

-X360 getting both 'Project Draco' and 'Radiant Silvergun' makes me rage on PSN's lack of shooting mayhem

-Asura's Wrath and the new DmC look cool, will have to wait for more info...


-Tifa, Kain, Lightning among others in Dissidia Duodecim.
People on the ground saying maybe Celes as well.

-Disgaea 4 leaked. Visuals to be "greatly evolved".

-(Non-TGS news) Realtime Worlds announced the closure of GTA-esque urban MMO "APB." That's right folks. This thing lasted 3 months.

-Vanillaware games Odin Sphere and Muramasa: The Demon Blade are getting HD ports to PSN.

-Playstation Portable 2 is in devs hands as we speak, according to industry source. Rumor has big reveal at E3 2011

-FFXIV Release client ≈22GB
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It's coming... [27 Aug 2010|09:40am]
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"Can I...help you with something ma'am?" [20 Aug 2010|12:58am]
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Don't be such a Sisipu. [15 Aug 2010|07:40pm]
"Y-You want to see my w-what?!

Oh...my screenshots?
S-sure, I guess. Just...be gentle..."

Assorted FFXIV Screenshots during the questline -Treasures of the Main-Collapse )

Screenshots from the game FINAL FANTASY XIV ©2010 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. FINAL FANTASY is a registered trademark of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. All material used under license.
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Twitter syndication failure [07 Aug 2010|12:55pm]
Yeah, so I'm just now realizing that LoudTwitter has shut down and is no longer syndicating, so I'm going to need to find another method of sharing my 140-letter meanderings again...
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Hamilton Family Vacation 2010 [22 Jul 2010|10:54am]
Making final preparations now.
Much more historical focus for this year's vacation.
Heading to Charlotte, NC for a Family Reunion, then heading up to DC to take in some Americana.
Will be there for most of next week, then head back down, making a stop at Williamsburg, VA.
I'll update periodically on twitter
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Movie One-Liner: Xzibit edition [19 Jul 2010|01:32am]
Inception is incredible.

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Tweaking Project = Unsuccessful. [18 Jul 2010|07:49pm]
Got my RAM speed back up to 1600ish, not seeing much in the way of graphical performance increase however. Will have to Memtest86 it overnight to make sure it's rock solid. Environmental temperatures (thanks Georgia summer) makes pushing my HD5870 overclocks further infeasible for now, moving past 950MHz clock shoots the temps up dramatically. I did end up using Driver Cleaner and reinstalling ATI CCC 10.6 again. Clean install saw only a marginal bump in FFXIV Bench and 3DMark Vantage scores.
As of now, I think I'm getting all I can get from my machine without moving to liquid cooling.
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FFXIV Performance tweaking, prologue [18 Jul 2010|09:18am]
Gonna spend a good part of the day with Asus TurboV and MSI Afterburner tweakeratin' the rig. I know I still have some overhead I can create overvolting the HD5870. I think I've hit my safe threshold on the CPU power-wise, but I can play some games with the multipliers and such and see what kind of performance I can milk out of it. I know my RAM is performing slightly under spec due to other settings in effect, I think it's down around 1520 from 1600 when I initially setup the system due to some stability issues I was having getting the system to post with the SSD.

I might be able to get 7300+ Low / 5100+ High if I play my cards right.
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[13 Jul 2010|05:01am]
Meandering thoughts and statements of the day...

  • 21:50 @mattalos @CorinthCat You West Coast-ers and your game conferences... There hasn't been a relevant game con in Atlanta since E3 '98... #

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[12 Jul 2010|10:32pm]
To everyone about to join the FFXIV testing...

Welcome to Beta!

Hooray Beta!
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[12 Jul 2010|05:01am]
Meandering thoughts and statements of the day...

  • 16:03 ¡Viva España! ESP 1 - NED 0 #

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[10 Jul 2010|05:01am]
Meandering thoughts and statements of the day...

  • 12:43 @mattalos wow...that was fast... #
  • 13:23 @Coragin_jensen I think they have livestreams of the event on the website. I know I want to check out the MvC3 event on Sunday. #
  • 15:29 Finally getting a chance to eat lunch. NongShim Udon noodle soup is AWESOME... #
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[09 Jul 2010|05:01am]
Meandering thoughts and statements of the day...

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